Folk in the Flow

The Music of Life

Folk in the Flow was founded in 2017 by Buck Brandt and Holly Taylor.  Both are lifelong musicians, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, parents, and hopeful souls looking to share the gift of music with others.  From the heart of the Midwest to the furthest coasts, that is exactly what they are up to!    

With fun and lighthearted tunes, to deep and soulful songs, Folk in the Flow relates to music as a living art.  It is here to help remind us of our connection to each other and the vast flow of life.  Musical diversity is a hallmark of the flow, with multi-genre and multi-instrumental roots, the pair loves to surprise and delight their listeners!  Each song is a tapestry, rich with experience, crafted for the essence of a moment:  a thought, a feeling, an opportunity for connection...    

We invite you to follow the Flow, join us at music events, give us a like, follow & subscribe on our media, streaming, and YouTube platforms! We continue to expand our musical library, and have recently expanded our band-width, with the addition of Kimberly Storme on vocals/percussion & Zachary Korte on vocals/bass!  As always, we continue to expand our minds and our hearts with gratitude!  Thank you for your support!


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Contributing Photographer Credits:

Thomas Kuhn Photography, Ashley Chandler of Julianne's LLC, Doug Goppert & Marla Keown